Monday, January 28, 2008

panini press for sale

We got a plug-in press from my cousin that we love because of it's portability. This All Clad press came with our set of pans. We can't return it because it's a gift, but it retails for about $120 w/the pan and the red apron that comes w/it. So, the next option is to sell. We're asking $50, plus $15/20 shipping. No blogging requests = ebay. Homemade panini's are amazingly perfect, and there are an unlimited amount of good combos.

This two-piece panini press includes a thick, nonstick anodized aluminum pan that provides even heat retention and a heavy-duty press with a loop handle that provides added pressure on top, giving the tops of your sandwiches deep-grooved markings. In addition to grilling panini, this press is also ideal for grilling meats, veggies and fish. The nonstick grill cleans easily.
Material: Anodized aluminum exterior Size: 2-pc.
Origin: USA Cleaning & Care: Handwashing recommended
Warranty: Lifetime Weight: 9-lbs.
Length: 8-in. Width: 10-in.

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Michelle said...

are you trying to sell me your panini press? we are surely attached through a brainwave, i just posted my 10 favorite things...1 was a print i got on etsy, another was a panini sandwich i just made in my george foreman grill. i'm trying to use all of my appliances for more than one purpose bc i'm running out of room in my kitchen to store them. i just got a fancy new juicer that i love, but it is huge and i don't know where to put it.