Thursday, January 3, 2008

this is great!

My cousin alerted me to (thanks jenny) I spent some time last night mocking up how our place will look once I'm all done in the next month or so. 60% of this is accurate, and 80% is furniture we already own. We bought some, inherited some and made some. We just need to readjust and move things around to better maximize our space. I tried to be fairly accurate, but there are somethings that need to be noted. Our countertops are red (hard to match things w/), but we have a rad warm white vintage gas stove. The floors are a prettier dark brown. Not all the colors are accurate. This plan doesn't show our closet because it's just a closet.
I am on the hunt for:
short dressers to go on either side of our bed (going to an antique mart tonight)
white shelves w/hidden hardware to go into the kitchen/office/fam rm (prob. ikea)
kitchen cart/island for behind the table (to replace the short current cheapo shelf)

We are going to make/build:
a bench for under the window in the fam rm - storage under, seating on top
curtains for the fam rm

Once this is done, I will take photos and show you all how much cuter it looks in person. I really feel the need to do the best I can w/each space I live in. And since we are renewing our contract for another year, I need to step it up. I really like how our office feels and is separate from the rest of the place, but not divided. The ceilings are high it's easy to clean. I rearranged everything quite a few times before this one just worked. Yes, if you are wondering, I am a virgo.


Erica said...

nice setup. and great website!

Jenny said...

Woot! Woot! Isn't floorplanner awesome? Love your Grand Plan.

Scott said...

i thougth your apt looked great. i am in desperate need of some ideas for my little japanese house, i love it, but i have to get so creative, hello no outlets in the bathroom!