Friday, January 25, 2008

lemony flutter

My mom is not usually known to discover hip new products before me, but when our package arrived w/goodies for Christmas and this was one of them, I was more than impressed. She found it at the store on a high recommendation from a friend. Utah and now Indiana wreck havoc on my skin during the winter. Dry, cracked, hands and elbows, bad cuticles, etc. Lemony Flutter helps it all while lightly smelling of fresh lemons. You barely use any which means it will last at least 3 winters, and is made up of lemon infusion, shea butter, avocados and mangos. It brings a little summer to those drab winter days.


Michelle said...

i have two questions for you: did you buy this online? of course we don't have a lush store out here. and two: are there parabens in it? my hands are cracking and bleeding and i'm always looking for more good hand cream. what i'm using now: Burt's Bees almond butter. very nice.

julia said...

My mom bought it at the store in Canada. I know they have one in SF.

I don't know what a paraben is but the ing's contain a lot of fruit and natual plant oils.

My other best of suggestion is elizabeth arden 8 hour cream. that stuff works miracles. it was always in my mom's cabinet. i used it all through college.

Michelle said...

oooohh, girl. watch out for parabens. they collect in your body to form tumors, contribute to weight gain, and mess with your hormones.