Tuesday, January 8, 2008

my tribute to summit

this is officially my second to last week with Summit. i've worked here for the last year and a half 3 days/week and it's more than time to venture into working for myself again. i need more creativity, want more photography, and i'm over the 1 1/2 hr long drives to work since we've been married. booo. my nerdo corporate photo will be replaced with another girl's, and i will move on in attempts of creating my own mini empire.

i got engaged working here, and then married. sung karaoke at christmas parties and danced till the music was shut down. i've baked quite a few goods for birthdays, co-hosted deck parties, and made some good friends and contacts. i've figured out to get most places in this city, and learned all the shortcuts to avoid bad traffic.

the good news for today, is that although it's pouring, it's around 65 today. 65 in indiana in january. it's amazing how good it feels when it's over 30.


Ryan JT said...

wo, you quit your job...again. how do you always get to do that? you live such a life of luxury. i called you back. wait, no i didn't, but i will now.

Ryan JT said...

oops, that was michelle again, not ryan. although, i'm sure he would have said something similar