Friday, June 29, 2007

Bachelor weekend in the county

I'm horrible at writing on this thing, so I'm just now getting you up to speed on my bachelor weekend back home 06/08-06/10. I took off from Muncie Thursday night riding with my cousin Zack and my Buddy Jake for the 4 hr ride south. We arrived in Posey County just in time to make it to the Canoe trip planning meeting at a local tavern at around 9. Once we had all the details and a few pitchers ironed out we called it a night. The next morning we awoke to thunderstorms and cool temps, however we decided not to let this hamper our plans. We rounded up our posse and headed East to Blue River. Once we had bought ponchos and paid for our vessels we were on our way. The trip was slated to take no more than 4 hours we made it back in just under 8. Due in part to the low level of the water, but probably more because of our refusal to paddle and the numerous adventures we pursued on the sand bars and banks of the river. The clouds and rain subsided within the first hour. We had rock skipping competitions, log races and even found deep enough water to jump out of trees into. There were 5 canoes w/ 2 guys in each and no one made it back without at least one spill. All in all it was a good day and we planned it so the coolers were emptied just in time for the walk back to the trucks.
Saturday was a blast as well. My buddy Willy threw a great get together at his place where we sat around shooting clay pigeons, grilling out, playing horsehoes, washers and cornhole until the sun went down. We then reported to our highschool hang out, the renovated barnloft lovingly referred to as "The Beaver Lodge." It seemed like there was a steady flow of new comers stopping in all night. There were talks of getting some card games going, but instead we all seemed content gazing around at the walls and ceiling of the lodge which are strewn with memeorobilia and scraps from past adventures. Like a memorial service to our younger years we all sat around on the musty couches and recliners exchanging different recollections of past parties, late nights and practical jokes. I wish Scotty was there to chime in or at least defend himself. That place holds so many pull tabs to our past. My stomach hurt the next day from all the laughs and my head throbbed from all the cheers. I can always count on a good time with the crew down home.

too much fun

Thursday, June 28, 2007

pin one on me!

Ordered these butterflies this morning and will glue pins on the backs to hand out to all the aunts at the wedding. Corsages get expensive so these will be perfect! I might attach a few to wire and add them to my bouquet too - I ordered a dozen. At 2"x 1.5", they will be a cute little wedding memory and will let the guests know who's on the "in".

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

my office has it's perks

So there I was, in our breakroom heating up some trader joe's thai food when I spotted a nest/basket. I asked about it, & was told that Regina bought it for office decor, but if I wanted it, it was mine. It will totally go w/the decor. I wish I had a before photo. I ripped out about 6 eggs, a bunch of leaves, moved some things around, & now it looks like this! I am going to use the leaves and blue ribbon to make a crown for Maleah. I got Maleah & Makai the cutest little asian bells the other day (will post those tonight) and Maleah will hold this for something else. I just can't decide. Handing out the bubbles? Let me know if you have any ideas. Some more purples might get ripped out. I promise it looks better in person..

Sunday, June 24, 2007

open your umbrellas

...and see photos of the mah'valous shower that Jan's family threw for me. We dressed to the 9's, and had a wonderful afternoon brunching outside, taking a quiz on Jan & I, opening gifts, and having some girl time. Holly did an awesome job on the decor, and I was literally showered with affection and new memories with my future family and family friends.

{all the girls} / {that's jan's mom in the 'watermelon' gown} / {tina, kelly, beth}

Thursday, June 21, 2007

i can't help it

I must continue to brag about my new/only nephew. Kai is SO cute!! I can't wait to see him at the wedding - here are some pics. Mom & Dad will be back in a week or so!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

have you rsvp'd??

Now that most of the invites have been sent out, I'm sharing what they look like. Some more are going out this week, and announcements will go out just before the wedding! I printed these on a slight ivory card stock, and rounded the corners. I'll post the rsvp cards and maps later this week. They went out in lake blue envelopes, with labels I made to match the interior design.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Here are some pics from the bachelorette...while it was still mild... We went up to Tahoe (where Jan & I met), where my girlfriends from gradeschool treated me well.

{jess, noz, me, char}

{peter (the bachelor) & i after a dare}

{arm wrestling!}

{this necklace was delish}

Friday, June 15, 2007

oh please oh please

If somebody out there loves me, you will get me this pan, somehow, someway!

Caroline & I have long been known for loving every bite of brownie corners, with not a care in the world as to what happens to those middles. When guests came over and they wanted another piece, we would say, no, you sit, we'll get it for you! - just to make sure they didn't take our beloved corners. Our dream was to come up w/this pan, and sadly we are too late. Some of those Ball State kids (yes, Jan's school) did it first, in the early 90's. You can find them here for a mere $34, and it's non stick. And thanks to Bishop Gutherie, I have the best recipe out there, and the only one my friends and I will make because it's that good.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

summer whites

I love the clean feel of whites in the summer, especially for pjs. These would be great for a honeymoon - out of the shower, or just in the kitchen making belgian waffles..yum. Anthropologie updated their site design, and added these pretty numbers. The slip is a steal!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

you can't hide

My good friend Kristian is going to be my videographer, and we wanted to do something a little more fun than a background voice of...'now..she's walking down the here we have a lot of people mingling...' I came up with the idea to have a list of questions, so it will be more fun and meaningful for us to watch in the future. To cut down on people reading all 11 before they pick one, we'll have you pick a number and answer that question. I'm putting this up early, so if you have one in particular you want to answer, remember your number! (jan did most of these - isn't he good?)

{click to view larger}


I saw these on Etsy while browsing for birds. How cute would these be on a cake? She will custom make them to your wedding colors. I wish someone could make these for me...I am crafty, but not this crafty...

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

it's a bloomin time

Jess and I visited Falkirk to see how the garden was growing and to take measurements. The alter part is blooming with huge white roses - yay! This is a sneak preview of where we'll have the ceremony and dinner.

sweat shop

Tahoe last weekend was totally awesome and so much fun!! I wish more of you could have been there to experience what we did. I'll post some pics later, but for now, these are some of the crafts we worked on during the days, besides cutting a zillion petals for the magnolias. Butterflies to be glued on paper lanters and hung in the trees, and some stamped napkins for cake time to match the invites. i might switch these w/my pretty appetizer ones..i'm not sure yet..

coming to america!

Alicia and Kai are coming to the wedding! roll out the white carpet! Well, after me, the bride of course...

Thursday, June 7, 2007

oh, what fun

I used to be the person that thought, seriously people, why are you so attached to your dress? Sell that thing on ebay and use it for a vacation! And then I found my dress. Each time I've put it on I fall more in love with it, and it makes me want to be like Phoebe on Friends and wear it later, around the house, you know, whatever. I read about this event on wedding bee called "Trash the Dress", and while I don't think I could do it, I would LOVE to be the photographer!! So if any of you want to get all modeled up and put on fancy thrift store dresses to do a different spin on things, I would totally coordinate a photoshoot to trash the suckers in the ocean, a lake, whatever.

If you want to participate in the real deal, look up trash bashes in your area on Some of those photos are fantastically awesome.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

if only i could nap on this..

Thanks to Ms. Vicky at my work, my ring pillow is done! Holly & I found the goods, and Vicky put it together. Sitting at 5" tall/wide, it's a bitty thing, for my little 3 yr old ring bearer. I put my ring on there to test it. What a beaut.

a girl loves her shoes

This was the second hardest purchase behind the bridesmaid dressed. Trust me, 4 of us girls HUNTED online everywhere for the perfect shoes, but not just the perfect pair in general, dressy, 3" heel wedges in a light neutral color. Sadly, this proved impossible. Wedges by nature are either not neutral in color enough for my dress, or too casual. The final compromise is this lovely pair, suprisingly by Naturalizer. I get comfort, a lovely peep toe, and a thick heel, so I don't implant myself in the grass or get stuck each time I get down on the dance floor. Plus they're on sale! I'll try these on w/my dress in 2 wks at my next fitting. One more thing checked off!

{found by ms. caroline, talented friend and shoe finder}

don't touch my fanny!

Along with bottles of water at the ceremony, I really wanted asian parasols until I realized that it would really suck to get blocked by an umbrella when you've travelled so far. So now I am on the hunt for about 50 silk or paper fans to cool people off. These are $1.50/each. I found some plain navy paper ones for $.95 each and that's more reasonable, but they're not as cute. Anybody know where I can get these cheaper? Obviously Indianapolis does not have china town, or I would be there hunting these down...

Monday, June 4, 2007

1...2...3... one!

As of last week, Jan and I have officially started wedding boot camp with a goal of working out together 3x week, and once on our own. I really like working out w/him, we are good motivators to push eachother, and its fun feeling like I'm in my own bootcamp w/o the mean yellers. Don't get me wrong, he's tough, but not mean. We run a dirt track because of my bad knees, set up circuit training, etc. I usually try to stall before, and hate it during, but feel good after. I'm usually dead tired when it's all said and done, and I hurt. But in a 'man, I am tough!' way. Like last weekend when I did 30 pushups in one night (not at once) - a new whoolia record!

work - (at) it

We attended a workshop yesterday for marriage prep and it was a good time, and a great learning experience. We talked about family of origin, communication, family planning, and a few others. Jan and I had talked about most topics presented in one way or another, but it was great to listen to a younger couple share their own experiences about different family backgrounds coming together, and how the main point is not telling how you did it before, but deciding how the two of you will treat vacation, dicipline, chores, finances, etc. for your own new family. We definintely learned a lot. A funny story was told about the husband who, even at the age of 35, still sleeps in bed with his brother on Christmas Eve. They wake up early, line up in order of age down the stairs with all the cousins, and run down to open tons of presents. He thought her family was super boring because they were over Santa, and each got only one present.

If our purpose in life is to become closer to Christ, than marriage and family is a great step towards that. I think both Jan and I have realized that it takes a lot of learned patience, humility, love and acceptance to make a marriage work, but that it's worth it for all the blessings and joy that come with marrying your best friend. When one couple was asked if the first year was the hardest, they replied 'No, actually that was a very fun year', and that the hardest year was when their first child was born, as they got adjusted to all new things. Our wedding is coming up in less than 8 wks!! The countdown is beginning, and I'm calming down again (as of yesterday) and getting excited for all that is to come.