Friday, June 29, 2007

Bachelor weekend in the county

I'm horrible at writing on this thing, so I'm just now getting you up to speed on my bachelor weekend back home 06/08-06/10. I took off from Muncie Thursday night riding with my cousin Zack and my Buddy Jake for the 4 hr ride south. We arrived in Posey County just in time to make it to the Canoe trip planning meeting at a local tavern at around 9. Once we had all the details and a few pitchers ironed out we called it a night. The next morning we awoke to thunderstorms and cool temps, however we decided not to let this hamper our plans. We rounded up our posse and headed East to Blue River. Once we had bought ponchos and paid for our vessels we were on our way. The trip was slated to take no more than 4 hours we made it back in just under 8. Due in part to the low level of the water, but probably more because of our refusal to paddle and the numerous adventures we pursued on the sand bars and banks of the river. The clouds and rain subsided within the first hour. We had rock skipping competitions, log races and even found deep enough water to jump out of trees into. There were 5 canoes w/ 2 guys in each and no one made it back without at least one spill. All in all it was a good day and we planned it so the coolers were emptied just in time for the walk back to the trucks.
Saturday was a blast as well. My buddy Willy threw a great get together at his place where we sat around shooting clay pigeons, grilling out, playing horsehoes, washers and cornhole until the sun went down. We then reported to our highschool hang out, the renovated barnloft lovingly referred to as "The Beaver Lodge." It seemed like there was a steady flow of new comers stopping in all night. There were talks of getting some card games going, but instead we all seemed content gazing around at the walls and ceiling of the lodge which are strewn with memeorobilia and scraps from past adventures. Like a memorial service to our younger years we all sat around on the musty couches and recliners exchanging different recollections of past parties, late nights and practical jokes. I wish Scotty was there to chime in or at least defend himself. That place holds so many pull tabs to our past. My stomach hurt the next day from all the laughs and my head throbbed from all the cheers. I can always count on a good time with the crew down home.

too much fun

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