Monday, June 4, 2007

work - (at) it

We attended a workshop yesterday for marriage prep and it was a good time, and a great learning experience. We talked about family of origin, communication, family planning, and a few others. Jan and I had talked about most topics presented in one way or another, but it was great to listen to a younger couple share their own experiences about different family backgrounds coming together, and how the main point is not telling how you did it before, but deciding how the two of you will treat vacation, dicipline, chores, finances, etc. for your own new family. We definintely learned a lot. A funny story was told about the husband who, even at the age of 35, still sleeps in bed with his brother on Christmas Eve. They wake up early, line up in order of age down the stairs with all the cousins, and run down to open tons of presents. He thought her family was super boring because they were over Santa, and each got only one present.

If our purpose in life is to become closer to Christ, than marriage and family is a great step towards that. I think both Jan and I have realized that it takes a lot of learned patience, humility, love and acceptance to make a marriage work, but that it's worth it for all the blessings and joy that come with marrying your best friend. When one couple was asked if the first year was the hardest, they replied 'No, actually that was a very fun year', and that the hardest year was when their first child was born, as they got adjusted to all new things. Our wedding is coming up in less than 8 wks!! The countdown is beginning, and I'm calming down again (as of yesterday) and getting excited for all that is to come.

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