Thursday, May 31, 2007

really, you're gonna do that?

Jan and I have discussed having soda during the wedding, either all of it, or during the group photos/appetizers/mingling part pre-dinner. If we're going blue, we might as well have some fun with it, so I've found a few options. Pepsi cans are all blue, plus they just released a new soda, called Pepsi blue, which is actually blue inside! Blue Sky is a natual soda w/many flavors. Jones soda has cool packaging, and they have berry lemonade and grape (both blue-ish colors). And my current fav - Fresca!! Love the packaging, love the taste. Isn't color fun??


alisa said...

oh, i heart fresca. in fact, i was stoked when i overheard the flight attendant saying they had fresca on the drink cart last week when i was flying to portland. of course i asked for one. either she didn't hear me or the bottles look the same, but she gave me lemon-lime sparkling water. yes, yes, i like that too, but i won't deny my devastation that it wasn't a fresca.

rachel said...

Did you know you can personalize the label on the My Jones bottles? I just ordered my dad some with our picture on it for fathers day. So cute.

jan & julia said...

no, i didn't!! oo, i'll have to check that out!