Tuesday, May 1, 2007

this, i'm not allergic to

My lactose intolerance is not a part of my world when it comes to this type of milk. I've had a facination for milk glass after seeing it in a bunch of Martha Stewart mag's. Then I moved here and found that a lot of it comes from Indiana! I've been scouring the flea markets and thrift stores on & off for the last few months searching for these. I have about 5 more at home, and will slowly bring them all over. I want to fill them with moss or a grey dusty leaf plant of sorts, and incorporate them with the paper flowers as table decorations. These will hold (via a stick or some other device) the table number's.

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f*bomb. said...

You are adorable. Here's a suggestion:


Also, Silver King sounds like a fern you may want to check out- I think you'll appreciate the colour. And the longer stems are a great filler for flowers, too.