Friday, May 11, 2007

boys, meet the boys

SCOTTY - My undisputed best man, has been by my side through thick and thin ever since I can remember. Scotty has an unending sense of humor and a love for adventure that is complimented with the strength of an ox and the loyalty of a sheep dog. Like fire and gasoline, when and whereever we meet up it's usually entertaining. I could write a book about the childhood adventures and high school misshaps that this clown and I got ourselves into, but I won't for the sake of both of our political futures. For now, it looks like he's going to make a special flight in from Okinawa, (where he's stationed with the USAF), for the San Fran celebration.

KIT "Rolly"- This guy brings things to a whole other level. Notorious for always being on the throttle, never saying 'uncle' and having incredibly short fingers, he and I became buddies in 6th grade. Through slaving in the hayfields and working in his melon patch, Kit, Scotty and I united to form a triple threat, the likes of which the world had never seen. Rolly's contagious laugh and unpredictable antics result in sporadic "make your face hurt" laughs and his dogged determination has gotten us out of some deep holes and really tight spots.

RICK- Calm, cool and collected Rick is Julia's older brother. We've only met in the flesh once, but I know him through Julia's stories and recollections. He's currently practicing law while living in Hong Kong with his wife Alicia and their newborn son Kai. Rick will be a welcomed addition to the line up and be recieving the farthest commute award.

JONATHAN - Full of wit, charm and sarcasm Jonathan is Julia's younger brother. During the week of Christmas Jonathan invited me to go skiing in the nearby mountains with him and some of his buddies... talk about a good time. He was insanely patient as I struggled to re-orient myself on a pair of ski's, but by the end he had me talked into tailing him down some Double Black Diamonds. Was it graceful? no. Did I survive? yes. He's a real go getter and puts a tons of energy into anything he does.

DALE - My only blood brother in this life, Dale is 10 years younger than me and ever since Mom and Dad brought him home from the hospital he has been a constant source of joy and love for me and the rest of the family. There was such a split between us that we never did many rough and tumble things growing up. Now he's 13 and as he navigates the wonder years I look forward to being able to offer some seasoned advice on all the good stuff and choking him out if need be. He'll turn 14 the day before the wedding.


Leasha said...
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ricka said...

nice, we made it on the blog! it's fun (and scary) to watch what is appearing on here. one thing julia neglected to mention is you must be a man of great patience. nice work. have fun guys...