Thursday, May 3, 2007

girls, meet the girls

I wanted to take a minute to introduce all my girls to eachother and tell you why you're in my wedding. I'll have Jan do the boys this weekend.

NOZOMI - maid of honor and best friend since kindergarten! Was it the asian bond? Or our love for craftiness and being able to come up with creative activities at all time that bonded us for life. She knows me pretty darn well and we get eachother. Distance was never an issue, and we've been countries apart quite often. She's been a huge help with all the planning, and gets my obsession with mangos, chocolate and shoes.

CHAR - glenwood elementary was a goldmine! I learned how to dive into water at Char's house. We used to play badmitton, run around the garden, sit in the sauna, and scope out the movies being filmed next door. Most importantly, she introduced me to Jan, even if it wasn't intentional. She is a rocking good time, up for anything, and will dance till she drops. Who else would pull me into a patriotic inner tube at 3am in lake tahoe?

KATE - my future little sister-in-law. Full of spunk, the first time we went out, she said: "If you marry my brother, I'll take you out to lunch." I don't have any sisters, so marriages in my family have been a great way to acquire some. I think she's as excited as me for this wedding, and I look foward to seeing her dancing skills return at the receptions. She can head bang like no other.

HOLLY - my other future SIL. This girl is a combination of the SF girls I sadly left behind - crafty, artistic, loves herself a good flea market and shopping bargains, and tells me when i look hot in a wedding dress...or not so hot. Plus she throws great parties with pirates and eats my finger cookies.

EUNNIE - 1-ee! My korean chingu, we met at Study Abroad in Korea and the friendship never stopped. It may have been the public baths, or the fact that we were both determined to lay out and get tan in a non-developed town, but we have gone through a lot together. She is a lot of fun to laugh about nothing with, loves taking a million photos of ourselves being stupid/sexy, and she's a great person to chill with. Bonus: big Paul is awesome, and equally as cool. I guarantee baby Paul will be the most stylish baby at the wedding.

CAROLINE - {almost a maid} This girl would be in my wedding if she wasn't helping my broke self shoot photos because she gets my vision. She has style, class, and skills in the kitchen that would make you cry. Eat a cookie at the dessert table and then hire her and pay her millions when you can't stop eating them.


f*bomb. said...

I will be the one passed out from parking it at Caroline's cookie table.

nno said...

yay me!!!
tee hee hee! =)