Thursday, April 26, 2007

mum's the word

I saw these at a wedding online, and found a blog that broke it down. While working for a florist in Hawaii last spring, I learned that mum's are typically a funeral flower. Cheap, long lasting, & needing little care. But in groups, tightly placed, they look fantastic, and should be seen at weddings! I want to hang these with blue ribbon along the fence just above where we'll eat dinner. In a soft orange or yellow, or just white for simplicity.

Here's the how to. Girls, get ready to make some mum balls with me! (I'll provide the cupcakes)

You'll need: Floral Foam (the green stuff) Mums (any color you like) Floral Pins Army Knife Scissors
- Use your knife to carve the floral foam into 1" - 2" spheres
- Snip off the heads of your mums
- Soak your foam spheres in water one at a time just before you areready to assemble each (the foam retains some of the water and will keep your mums looking fresh)
- Begin attaching the mum heads to the foam sphere with your floralpins.

Continue until you have covered all of the green foam with mums. Now you have a mum ball!


f*bomb. said...

uuhhhh...Don't get me wrong, Jules. I'm pheonomenal with manual labour. It's just that...Didn't you like that paper flowers idea? Or maybe we could just light candles or tier cupcakes or something?

jan & julia said...

it's a historical society. no candles. unless we do the fake ones, and then we still need to buy lanterns. lanterns at 7 at night in the summer? it doesn't get dark until 8:30ish.

the paper flowers would be for the tables, but the site itself is more green than colorful flowery.

any other ideas?

f*bomb. said...

Flowers that come with bigger blooms...

Erica said...

cute girl.