Monday, April 23, 2007

The Male Perspective

I don't think you realize how much goes into wedding, until its yours. The day I asked Julia if I could hang out with her for the rest of my life was great, care free and almost dream like. The following day it was on, and since then her barrel has been hot, firing an overwhelming barrage of macro-detail oriented questions, soliciting my input. I figured it was a pretty simple process...wrong. And the classic "It doesn't matter to me, Babe," response does not solve anything. Being indifferent actually ignites more frustration on her end. She's insistant that the colors of dresses, flowers, napkins, bowties and eye shadow must accent one another. I've failed time and time again to retort with any constructive advice, so I was given my own list of responsibilities.

Which includes:
pick groomsmen
gather my guest list
organizing a table of Midwestern cuisine
playlist for reception
plan a Honeymoon
pick mens wardobe
and more as it comes

I think I can tackle that while keeping Julia sane. I hate that we've got to pull it all together so fast, but if anybody can make it happen, its her. I really get a kick out of how overly organized she can be. Definitely not my strongest attribute.

So, as I learn the art of organizing, coordinating and saying "Yes", I'll keep you posted.


f*bomb. said...

Make sure "baked beans" and "corn on the cob" are on that menu...she'll love that!
And cupcakes. Man, that lady and her girls do love a good variety of fancy cupcakes!!!

ricka said...

good luck with that!