Wednesday, April 18, 2007

cake tasting? for real?

This is the moment I was waiting for. I thought that trying on my dress was wonderful, but this was definitely it's match. An entire plate of cake samples waiting to be tasted! Debbie ran a little late, but made up for it in cake. Mom & I sampled caramel mousse, tiramisu, chocolate cake with chocolate and orange mousse, and my two top picks for my own cake: white cake with lemon mousse and rasberries, and chocolate cake with chocolate mousse and rasberries. Delish!! It's a good thing I had a full day of photography in the city to walk off the sugar.
I'm having her customize it to follow my dress pattern, and putting pale blue flowers on top to tie into my colors. Hopefully people eat all of Caroline's cookies and leave me extra cake!
This lady is awesome, made Jonathan's cake and received rave reviews. If you want a good cake, go with Debbie Does Desserts.

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f*bomb. said...

Debbie Does DESSERTS, now, eh? Well. At least we know she's got skillz.

Lemon and Raspberries, o-My!!! I am all a tingle with anticipation. The number one reason for going to weddings:
To see who will hit on me.
The number 2 reason for weddings: