Monday, April 23, 2007

how do i feel this week?

People say the hardest parts about wedding planning is the location, dress and guest list. I have almost 2 out of 3 done, but lately, this is how I've been feeling...

Jan says he's marrying me for my great organizational skills, and he wasn't worried about proposing later and giving me less time to plan because he had full confidence in my abilities. While in a way, that's a compliment, I still feel the desire for someone to invent a switch so I can turn my brain off and sleep better at nights, instead of it rattling off check lists of to-do's. I think this monkey has it right. Sometimes, it just helps to yell real loud. And then get on with your day!

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f*bomb. said...

I find losing your mind once and a while to be a GOOD thing- Just stop and holler a good while and you'll feel a whole lot better. I swear.

Also- I'm not NEARLY to the degree as YOU are, lovely- but if you keep a pen and notepad beside your bed, when you get those things rattling on in your brain and keeping you awake at night, it's a huge relief to just jot it down so you can forget about it and go to sleep. SERIOUSLY.