Tuesday, March 4, 2008


I saw this site called Alphabet Photography. You can type in your name and keep hitting create while it gives you a variety of photos that make up your name. Because they do it in a stock type format, every 4x6 in sepia is only $4. What a fun idea, cheap to buy, or fun to try to do it yourself for kids you know (or yourself). Sure beats those cheesy pastel wooden letters. It's a great company idea.


The Proctor Group said...

That's really cool. I think I might get one for little Paul's room.

Lenox Family said...

I rec'd one as a gift for Grant as a newborn present. It's beautiful and we hung it over his crib. We love it! It was delivered through Sticks & Stones. They got their start in Texas and were popularized through Oprah & a story on NPR news.