Wednesday, March 19, 2008

kent trail

I wanted to go on a hike w/my mom & J over the break, so I looked up the top hikes in Marin and found this site. We've done one or two of them in the past, so we chose a new one and went for it and was not in the least bit disapointed. For all you SF-ers, go on this hike!! It's called: Kent Trail along Alpine Lake in Marin Municipal Water District. As you can see from the description, it starts with a lake, winds through moats, waterfalls and redwood forests, and emerges on a desert like plain that overlooks the whole valley. It took about 5 hours since we paused and played a lot, took photos, found animals, etc. The last shot is one of my favorites - I saw this great tree up on a big hill as we were driving out of the park and J was nice enough to run up to the top and capture my vision. (complete w/vulture on the top middle if you squint)


Betsy said...

Steve and I are totally doing this hike tomorrow morning! Any good lunch places over in those parts for afterwards?

julia said...

We went to whole foods and got sandwiches beforehand, but you could totally go to fairfax and get lunch - there are lots of really cute restaurants there, and you will drive through it just before you go off the beaten path. it's $7 (bring cash) for an all day entry for parking, but totally worth it!

follow the directions and go right after the first lake, otherwise you will go the wrong way and go up a neverending hill! it's much better to go down it at the end.

Betsy said...

Thanks! We'll report back!!!