Monday, March 17, 2008

back in time

Our wedding budget was tight, so we planned to get some more photos just of us after the wedding, when the stress died down and we were more relaxed. Luckily, 8 months later the dress still fit! (barely) Unfortunately, I was away from my hair/makeup crew, so I had to do it myself in about 30 minutes to hit the desired early morning light. Plus I woke up just after 5:30 am to make those banana muffins for r&a before they left for the airport, so I was a bit tired. Regardless, Juliann did an awesome job and we have photos of that I love! I'm dropping off the medium format ones this week and will scan some of those in when they're done. Here are just a few of my fav's so far. I even arranged and wrapped another bouquet for the shoot.

It's funny to do these months later and hear all the 'congratulations!' and be amongst all the staring and honking. I've done this w/couples before so we just play along - 'oh, thank you!', waves, etc. Now, does anyone know how much it costs to get a dirty dress dry cleaned?


joyful704 said...

love it!

v. said...

oh, you look so beautiful!

Holly said...

Good pics. You guys look great!

I dunno what to tell you about getting the dress cleaned. I had mine dry cleaned—it cost about $150, and they destroyed it. The nice little details on it were ruined. For instance, it had a dainty crystal belt buckle on the waistline, and it was GONE! completely gone!(Belt buckle sounds weird, i know... but trust me, it was coool.)