Friday, March 7, 2008

our chairs!

i didn't mean to post so much today, but i was browsing on design sponge and saw this photo of an interior of a house in australia and our chairs are in it! we scored these awesome chairs from a guy off craigslist, leather with wood and a super comfy slightly loungy but very simple design and here they are in a book on 'Iconic Australian Houses'. ours have a more camel colored leather instead of black, but they are awesome and will look great in our future house when we have more room.



Michelle said...

what?!!! craigslist? those are the most beautiful chairs in the world. i've been wanting some like those lately, especially bc they are always in design magazines i love. good work benders! are you not even using them? crazy kids!

v. said...

will you send my your e-mail address? I want to add you to my blog list.

julia said...

we are using them, but we don't have much room, so one is in the family room and one is in the bedroom. i want them in the same room in the next place.

ps keep a lookout for non-straight guys. they have great taste!!