Wednesday, February 27, 2008

busy busy

I've changed the direction of Modele Press to be a custom photo book site instead of stationary. A little or a lot of text and new or old photos. Kids books, the first 30 days type of a baby book, a book on your great uncle, etc. This is the first direction I've headed in since I bought my domain that really seems to fit. I'm still going to put some cards on etsy, but this will be my focus along w/photography. I need samples for my site so I started today photographing a little girl and objects for a number book. I have a shoot scheduled for the alphabet over Jan's spring break. People can send in their photos or hire me to shoot. I'm attaching my draft of the shoot today - I only spent about 20 min's laying it out, so it still needs work. I think people should write their stories down more. With kids who can't tell it yet, we should help them have a voice through photography. (my next goal is my mom!)

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