Monday, June 1, 2009

secret menu

most of you know that a lot of places have secret menus. i thought i knew most of the tricks, but in the past week, i've learned 2 new things and now i must share. in & out has 3 flavors of shakes. but you can actually combine them into a neopolitan shake. is it good? oh. yes.

starbucks has a drink off the menu for non-coffee drinkers. the tuxedo. a mix of dark and white hot chocolate. good? again. yes. so good. (now stop reading and go get yourself one)


Jayci said...

i looove that tuxedo drink at starbucks. and that neapolitan shake looks SO good! Now if only there were an In'n'Out in Alaska!!

Amy said...

Ooh, I love secret menus; you feel so exclusive ordering from them:)