Tuesday, June 16, 2009

monday = best deal ever

on my way home yesterday after work i spotted a garage sale. nothing fancy. huge wooded sign nailed to a tree w/scraps leftover from the day. my keen eyes spotted what looked like a svan high chair. no, it couldn't be. but there it was. definitely used, a little beat up, but still in working condition. i hollered to the guy through his steel gate (pretty ghetto) and he came out and verified that it was indeed a high chair, but it wasn't his. after discussing my meager budget, he offered up the chair for $5. $5???? are you kidding me? this retails for over $250! my cute handy husband is going to sand down and refurnish/repaint this in july. it adjusts from infant to adult which is genious. the one i got looks like this toddler set up and doesn't have the infant part w/tray, so we may need to hunt one down. who would have thought being pregnant would be this much fun??


Jayci said...

great find!!! That is such a great deal!

Amy said...

No way! What a screaming deal! The bargain gods must have been watching out for you:)