Friday, June 12, 2009

passive aggressive notes

most of you have busy weekends. mine are slow because i lack a husband and i'm pregnant. if you have time, and feel like laughing, check out this site:

if you've ever had weird neighbors or bad roommates, it's awesome. care, this is for you...


Jayci said...

i will join on the slow-weekend wagon on Sunday for a couple weekends. :P I'll have to check this out!! I love a good 'belly laugh'. ha ha so cheesy, I know..

caroline said...

i feel like we should go back in time and write some for our neighbors or each other.

although what would mine be to you?

"i really wish someone would make me crepes more often. do you know anyone?"

julia said...

i want you to write one to the guy that stood outside our sunset apt at 3am w/his loud music. and to the weird guy that followed me home.

mine to you:

"putting together playlists is so exausting. imagine if people actually loved to do this, then they could make me one."