Thursday, June 25, 2009

chocolate chip cookies with a twist

i was browsing a friends blog, baby jaynes, and saw this posting for a cookie recipe. i usually pass on other people's recipes for the basic cookie because i have my own, but this one intrigued me for these 2 reasons: 1. the oats are blended in a cuisinart instead of used whole, 2. there is a bar of shredded baking chocolate added.

truthfully, i only shredded half the bar before i got tired and bored, and figured it was enough. i still think it was. also, i added 1.5 c chips instead of 2, and next time i'll cut out a quarter c. more. i love chocolate, but not when it takes over the cookie. my thoughts? very very good. crispy on the edges, but chewy on the inside. nice slightly crunchy texture while mingling with the creaminess of the chocolate chips. a pretty nice crackle on top, and a short baking time - 8 minutes. would i make them again? definitely. it makes for close to 40 with tablespoon sized scoops. follow the link to the recipe.

i packaged them in simple white takeout boxes for a friend who just had a baby, photos of her coming soon!

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Jayci said...

YUM. Julia, this is not what I need to see after failing a glucose test! ha ha I love that little white box. Looks like you bought the cookies from a famous little bakery. So dainty, modern and cute. :)