Monday, March 9, 2009

lovely wedding

J & I went to Rachel & Grant's wedding on Saturday. My talented friend Jon Canlas was the photographer and I had set duties but I brought the polaroid along to take some photos of the site. It was more than amazing. A private beach just for us. The tables were set up on the sand, with food and dancing up at the building. Highlights included a friend salsa bar, fernando's homemade tacos, homemade donut holes for dessert (rasberry vanilla, maple, powdered sugar, you name it), and a bonfire to roast our favors - bags of a s'mores kit while sipping on hot cocoa. Rachel decorated with wheat grass and candles on the table, Caroline did all the design work, and Rach collected old vintage bottles to be spread around the tables up top with water and single flowers and leaves as decor. White paper lanterns hung with mini lights. When it came time for the speeches, the cutest little nieces said nice words and each appropriately ended them with, 'and i say these things in the name of..', just like a mormon prayer or testimony. too cute.


liz stanley said...

sounds amazing!!! congrats to rachel. looking forward to seeing more pics on j. canlas' site!

Jonathan Canlas said...

hands down, best styled wedding EVER. no joke.

good seeing you!