Friday, March 6, 2009

hello old friends

oh no. they're back. i took last year off and didn't buy any, and totally regretted it. who was i kidding that i was saving myself some calories - didn't someone invent the word moderation? which is why the best thin mints are frozen. my favorites will always be the thin mints & samoas, but if someone buys another flavor, i'll help them eat those too.

here's the 09 lineup, starting today:

2009 Girl Scout Cookie Lineup
This year’s cookie lineup features eight varieties: time-honored classics the crisp minty Thin Mints, the shortbread Trefoils, the chewy caramel Samoas, the Tagalong peanut butter patties, and the peanut butter sandwiched Do Si Dos. The 2009 program also includes the crunchy fat-free chocolate chip, the zesty Lemon Chalet Crèmes, and new cookie: Dulce de Leche.
ok, did we all read the last part - new cookie? dulce de leche? caroline is going to flip.


The Proctor Group said...

I broke down and bought some do si dos and samoas today. There were some girls selling them in front of the grocery store and I couldn't resist. I sampled the dulce de leche but wasn't a huge fan of them.

Holly said...

um, is it bad that I've already eaten an entire box of samoas? (seriously, eric never even knew they existed. I might have a problem.) And I'm half way through the box Dulce de leche. They're good. But they're no samoas.

caroline said...

i need the dulce de leche!!!