Monday, March 30, 2009


my talented friend caroline made this super cute cowl. perfect for spring days when it's still a little cold out. the most amazing part is that she just made it up. big needles, a seed stitch, and voila. and you people thought she could just bake. pssh.


The White's said...

That is really cute! By the way, Congrats on the baby!!!!!! I am so excited for you. When do you find out what you are having? (Are you finding out?)

Jayci said...

wow - just looking at her blog makes me want
sweets and more sweets!! Good thing I just made oatmeal cookies... mmm... That "cowl" is way cute!!!

julia said...

thanks! we are finding out in 2 weeks! i can't wait.

jayci - caroline was my roommate for years and i can attest to her mad baking skills. she has some great recipes.