Monday, March 30, 2009

fabric hunting

i'm helping a friend make some coordinating duvet covers for her girl's room, so we're heading to the fabric district in la tomorrow morning for a couple hours. if you've never been to this area of town, it's fantastic, but like most big cities, you really have to hunt to find what you want. not everything is $1/yard (but this store really does exist on the corner.) stores like michael levine have higher end fabrics, but overall it's a great place to find a huge selection within a 2 blocks. these are the photos i found her for inspiration via ohdeedoh - i'll post the final product when we're done.

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Jayci said...

the fabric district. I have a friend there that is really good with a sewing machine and I think her latest project she posted about was pillows for her couch. The fabric she picked up was from there. it would be nice to live so close to there.