Friday, August 21, 2009

la shower pics

rach posted some pics from my la shower here, held at her lovely little blue house. i am making some weird faces and apparantly, my showers was hilarious. we made our own sushi, had chinese chicken salad, jap che, dim sum, orange and blueberry soda and harold (aunty carole) picked up some amazing dots cupcakes. the perfect amount of frosting, and unique flavors. my people go top notch when it comes to food and for this, i love them.

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Jayci said...

cute pictures!! a shower at a blue house with all that yummy food and fun people sounds like the best little party EVER! :) Sounds so delicious! but looking at those little diapers with smooshed chocolate is just so icky!! ha ha - the games people come up with for showers. :P my friends did this game as well and there were some that I just couldn't even look at hardly! HA!! So funny. I love your shirt!