Friday, April 24, 2009

i admit

i often eat breakfast for dinner. it's one of my favorite meals, so why not? the other day i made bisquick pancakes, just feeling lazy. while waiting for the first little guys to cook (smaller batches yield more of the crispy edges i love), i read on the box that to make them extra good, to add 1TB sugar, 2 tsp baking powder, and 2 TB lemon juice. So I did, and what do you know - it's my new favorite trick. I added a little extra lemon and might add some zest next time. Drizzled with trader joe's blueberry topping (with maine blueberries), it was delish. They taste lighter, more fluffy, and have a hint of lemon flavor. ps i also add a little vanilla.
does anyone else have any good tricks to better the standard recipes -either from a box or scratch?
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Leasha said...

If I am making waffles or pancakes from bisquick, I like to add a bit of wheat germ and flaxseed to make it more healthy. Although Costco has this new multigrain pancake mix that is really good...

julia said...

mm, i have both of those ingredients. i'll try that next time!