Wednesday, June 25, 2008

when you need to eat, walk one block

We live one block from a Hare Krishna, and noticed during the days, people were eating outside at the metal tables. Turns out there's a restaurant inside, and they are pretty well known for their grub. Farrah, Rachel, & Jackie (long lost sf friend) & I scoped it out. All you can eat for $7 includes a bomb salad bar, potatoe salad, wheat rolls, basmati rice with coconut or brown short grain, 2 different dahl type soups, steamed veggies, and this stew thing for over the rice that had tofu, green beans, some green stringy veggie with tiny seeds, and tomatoes. Trying to watch my sweet intake, I passed on the not all you can eat vegan cake but put a spoon of some brown sugar something w/nuts on my plate. (of course the nuts stayed put) We're definitely going again.

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