Monday, June 2, 2008

lime, lime, lime

{cubed lime angelfood cake topped with sliced strawberries, lime curd, and cool whip}
i love all things citrus. lemon meringue pie. lemon & lime bars, lime meltaways, lime on fish tacos, you name it. we were invited to n&t's house saturday night for a bbq. i was in charge of dessert and found a new recipe on tastespotting. the curd failed in looks because i left my kitchenaid in indiana, and i don't have a hand mixer yet so the butter & sugar didn't cream, but it was still delicious. If all you did was make the angelfood cake, your day would be amazing. {i may have cheated again with this recipe. i made cake from a box. Add 1 c. water. 1/4 c. fresh lime juice and one lime's zest. the rest was from scratch though, saving me from using 10 egg whites}

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