Tuesday, September 22, 2009

details of the roni

his eyes are more alert
blondish hair
milk filled belly
his hands & his monkey toes

i wanted to capture some details while he is still little. or not so. he is already up to 8 lbs even though he only grew a half inch at his 3 week checkup today. he has gained a whole pound up from his dr's visit 2 weeks ago. she said several times that he is a very good eater, haha.

for other good news, one of my pre-pregnancy jeans with a hint of lycra fit today! i'm still nervous to try on anything else but leggings with spandex, but it felt good to wear something that fit the old me.

ps i take a lot of photos when he sleeps. i just can't help it.


Kristie said...

I remember when I had my babies, we got nothing done! Our favorite movie or TV show could be on, but we would just be looking at baby. Way more entertaining, even when sleeping.
Good job on getting down so quickly, don't stress it, you'll get there!

Jayci said...

i love taking pictures of Mont while sleeping too! How do you not wake him up?? :P My camera snaps too loudly for him, I think. I love their monkey toes!! Such strong little grips. Ronin is SOOO CUDLY!!!!

Theresa said...

Oh, I love this stage of baby life! He is so unbelievably beautiful.

julia said...

jayci - i think he is used to my camera click. he tends to just stare at me if he's awake and totally ignores it if asleep. he probably heard it a lot for 9 months, ha.

Amy said...

Oh man, he is so beautiful! I love sleeping baby pictures. Besides, they're good to look at in those melt-down moments and remember how sweet they are:)