Friday, February 13, 2009

happy birthday to my niece & nephew

it was the twins first birthday celebration last weekend. holls & eric threw them a great party and holly made a full spread of ethiopian food even down to the sponge bread - she is that good. here's my tribute pic to them from january - i love them and can't wait to see them soon! happy birthday a & c! ps. c's overalls are vintage from his great grandma.


Jayci said...

they are so picture perfect. Your sister (in-law?) looks so happy! And his overalls are waaay cute.

Holly said...

Thanks J!! We missed you at the party :(

I am so behind on bloggery, so sorry for the late response. Um, and could you please make me some of that peach dutch oven goodness?!

Amy said...

Sweet overalls! We just found some bibs from the 70s for Sam at the DI; hooray for hip babies:)
Your niece and nephew are the CUTEST, by the way.

Joanna Goddard said...

aww, those smiles are amazing :)