Thursday, November 20, 2008

lactose intolorance

me: yes, yes, yes, yes (but who really likes pepperoni? yuck)
it started in highschool. i noticed it more in college and during one of my microderm treatments junior year to work on my breaking out face, the lady said that 80 or 90% of asians were lactose intolorant, and that maybe it was causing me to break out. i went off it almost immediately, pausing only to inhale my dad's homemade ice cream, willing to suffer the consequences. it didn't help my face, but i started to not get stomach sick...ever. i stayed off for about 3 years, and then slowly i craved it all again. i studied abroad in france, how could i not love cheese? buying separate milk w/caroline seemed like a waste and baking w/o dairy was tricky. and who doesn't crave a good bowl of cold cereal at any i could/can easily stray from heavy creme, key lime pie, etc. i've been taking lactaid for the past few years. first everyfew days and then suddenly when i ate like everyone else, 2-3x a day. it's not cheap and it sucks to down the pills all the time. it's gross when i eat pizza (hello nasty clump of cheese) and on the occasion when one pill wasn't enough, i still have to excuse myself.

a few years back my dad saw a product talked about on dr. phil. it's called lactagen and is a 38 day program designed to cure you completely. i lost the print out for about 2 years and just found it as we were unpacking. i ordered it yesterday. there's a 6 month money back guarantee. it's about $140, so it's not cheap, but if it can cure me for good it's worth it. i'll let you know how it goes in the next few months. does anyone else have this problem? is there another cure you've heard of, or are we all doomed to daily chalky pills?

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