Monday, November 23, 2009

egypt in my pocket

i know, i know, i'm so behind on posting. you want to see more photos of Ro. i need to finish posting on his blessing party. and knotts berry farm last weekend. but we're moving to a new apt right in the middle of the holidsays and we've been going non stop.

the focus of today's quick post is pure craziness. i've have these black cords from banana republic for about a year now. one pocket open, one still sewn shut. i cut open the strings to open the left pocket today at work and found..


a small folded up white piece of paper. written in EGYPTIAN! (yes, the pants are made in egypt)

ok, so now fellow friends, does anyone know what this says?? i'm dying to know. is it nice? creepy? a love note? do tell..


00 said...

Hi Rick asked me to try to translate this... It looks something like "offer...." and the second word may be in French written in Arabic. Maybe a name? Sorry... it's been a while since I've used or practiced my Arabic. Thanks for the opportunity to practice! :)

julia said...

ooo, we're getting closer - thanks!

carolinesbakeshop said...

what if it said your name? that would be creepy.

bex said...

does this mean you haven't washed those pants in a year? ; )

julia said...

shoot. that's true.

my only excuse is that i only wear them to work, i only work 2 days/wk, and i was pregnant and they didn't fit for over 8 months out of that year.

anyways, about that dry cleaner..

Abbie said...

How bizarre is that?!

Jayci said...

wow - how ethnically awesome. :) if a surprise is going to be in pants, this is a good one!