Monday, July 20, 2009

new sites for bargains

i love hearing about bargains. today i'm sharing two discount sites that i heard about in the last month or so that have baby/kids stuff. the first is 'the mini social' (all babies/kids), and the second is 'haute look' (occasional babies/kids). also, one of my favorites, babysteals is launching kidssteals later this month. i picked up some baby legs at babysteals for mango the other week for 50% off retail and free shipping.


Jayci said...

ooOOoo thanks!! :) i love bargains. like any sane lady! Thanks for sharing.

Veeda said...

you always know such cool things.

Kristie said...

Did you know they call purple peppers here a purple mango? Just an FYI! Thanks for the sites!