Wednesday, May 6, 2009

currently working on

a party for j & our friend marisa - both of whom are graduating soon but not at the same time. instead of 2 parties, i am throwing a joint 'we've almost graduated' party next weekend.

on the list:
  • invitations backed by high school science book pages

  • the same book to cut strips of interesting graphics out to wrap around water bottles

  • appetizers brought by friends

  • vanilla cupcakes with passionfruit frosting

  • balloons for inside, hung upside down

  • balloons for the balcony, filled with helium that we will all let go at the same time as a final hurrah

  • color palatte: shades of yellow and orange

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Jayci said...

what a cute idea!! I love the science text book idea. :) I hope it goes well!! I'm sure it will. Especially with those delicious cupcakes.. mmmm!

Kristie said...

Please post pics of all that fun stuff, I'm having a hrad time pictureing it! You're so creative.

Amy said...

Ooh, passion fruit frosting? Yum! And I like the color palette; can't wait to see pictures!

f*bomb. said...

I absolutely love, love, LOVE this idea. And I'm in for helping create those invites. I f*ing hate textbooks. I will tear them all apart with my TEETH if I have to.

Although, may I recommend bubbles or paper cranes as the send off? Helium balloons kill animals. And you live right next to the ocean...

julia said...

anyone have ideas of what to throw instead? confetti takes too long to clean up. maybe those little soldiers with parachutes off a balcony? that would be easier to pick up..

julia said...

we've decided on putting messages in a bottle and sending it out to sea. we'll add an email address if someone gets it in australia and wants to let us know.