Wednesday, January 14, 2009


he's been gone for 2 days now.

day one: work, costco, skip (large) pile of dishes, watch lipstick jungle on laptop, eat leftovers & a salad, talk to brother on video chat.
day two: work, tackle pile of dishes, eat cereal for dinner (mmm), watch netflix movie while lifting weights and doing pushups/situps, talk to girlfriend on phone, eat a spoon of ice cream, talk to husband while laying in bed.
day three (today): work, married friends feel bad that i am alone and invite me over for dinner! (my first social interaction besides work)

now, did you see one productive thing in there? my. i wonder why it is that no husband around means back to single living - only better w/no roommates to get irked about the dishes! i've been sleeping in the middle of the bed, i get the whole bathroom to myself in the mornings, and i'm calling my parents more often - aak! i'm sure i'll get to productivity soon, but for now, i'm trying to look for all the positive things that will result because of this change in events.

as for j, he's loving his bachelorhood. he has 3 closets all to himself, can eat tuna, ramen & pasta to his hearts content, and can watch all the war documentarys he wants w/o a peep from me.

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Jayci said...

ha! i love this post. it reminds me of myself when mark is 'tdy'. I love watching episodes on my laptop - it allows you to totally zone out, especially with nice earphones. a spoon of ice cream - that's how I do it too. Just enough to get the little satisfaction, and little enough to not fill ANY guilt. :) and yes! you did the dishes. hurray!