Wednesday, July 9, 2008

off for the weekend

{group photo taken by rick}
tomorrow am we wake up at 6:30am to pickup a rental car at 7, drop it off at home while i take the tahoe to work. when jan gets off work we will pack & drive 6 hrs home to tiburon to see the folks. the tahoe is ridic on gas, so we have to rent cars for long trips until my car makes it out to california. i have a newborn shoot friday am, meet with a client about her wedding in august friday pm, and hopefully get to go on a good hike and check out heath ceramics in sausalito. they have amazing pottery and dinnerware, and i've wanted to check them out for some time. the photo above was over spring break when j & i went hiking w/r, a & kai. i do miss that little guy. note that jan is mr. ambitious, trying to conquer the mountain while we happily got distracted taking tons of photos.


Erica said...

love heath ceramics stuff!

susan said...

can't wait to see you!