Wednesday, May 7, 2008

heading to zion

I'll post a link of photos of Bryce Canyon and later - there are too many to throw on here. If you have never been here, you must put it on your list. It was as breathtaking as ever, endless eye candy. We barely missed some thunderstorms and were able to do the navajo loop hike, along with another branch of it off to queens garden. We checked out as many rock shops as possible, and tonight we're staying in the lovely budget motel above. We are just a few miles outside of Zion Canyon. We'll wake up and go hiking more tomorrow all day, and end up in Vegas around dinnertime to hang out with old friends.


Abbie said...

Four years ago, my boyfriend and I took a week long trip and visited all of the state and national parks in Southern Utah. It was absolutely amazing. If you're able to stop by Escalante, you should definitely do it! It is amazing.

Kristie said...

You kids! What a fun trip! By the way - never got to thank you for the twins' CD! THANKS!

julia said...

we started the trek by driving through escalante and hiking around a bit. that highway is the most amazing road we've ever driven!

thanks for the suggestion!