Tuesday, November 13, 2007

add this to your christmas list

Rick & Alicia (brother & sis-in-law) started a non-profit called Help One Future a few years ago to help underprivelaged children in the Philippines have the supplies needed to receive an education. I went down w/them a few years ago to take some pictures, hand out supplies, and help with the cause. It's a wonderful thing to see the intensity in kids that want to learn - the eagerness in them, regardless of their location. Most of the school rooms had no electricity, no air conditioning, and many of the desks were made by their parents.

This year, if you are looking for a way to help those in need, please donate to this cause. 100% of all proceeds go to help try to end this cycle of poverty. Rick & Alicia are spending their Christmas handing out the supplies that your donations provide.

Here is part of their objective: We request only that recipients of aid from Help One Future, upon achieving success in their life, consequently reach out a hand to help others in similar situations in order to perpetuate a cycle of helping each other.

Please visit them at : Help One Future

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