Monday, July 23, 2007

it's almost here!!

ok, for real people. 5 more days!!

sat. we spent the day in chicago and stopped by ikea. sunday we put together this table & shelf for our kitchen. jan convinced me to get the table for it's ideal use at this point in our lives -with both sides down, it's about 7" across, and can be used for extra counter space, opened for guests, or in the future for the perfect kid's desk or work table. with limited kitchen space, every extra drawer or shelf helps. i think we (he) are going to sand it down and stain or paint it (me). the shelf is super affordable - right now all our pots and pans are on there, i'll add cereal, cookbooks and baking items (flour, sugar, etc.) up on top.

photos to come in a few weeks!!

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